Civic Management System

CMS is a platform to manage service issues encountered by civilians in certain domains. The platform involves a mobile application that is web-based. Civilians can report issues in the selected domains to the responsible unit at the Governorate. The controlling team can directly order to repair the issue based on the priority level of the issue. The dashboard offers the governorate to be aware of the minor issues quickly and solve them quickly.



Hewri is a roving (mobile) museum that conducts events with different activities to increase the residents’ awareness about Iraq and Kurdistan civilization. Additionally, Hewri arranges trips to the cultural heritage sites to introduce people to the local tourism by virtual(technology tools) and physical tools.

Rawsht Wahab and Bahar Abdulrahman

Smart Med

SmartMed is a web-based application that was found in 2017, SmartMED aims to digitize medical fields such as (medical clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, pharma companies…etc.) through providing one solution that connects them to each other while taking care of patients. SmartMED consists of tools to manage patient appointments, record medical data, extracting data for scientific research, advance inventory and payment management, automated E-prescription, connection between different medical facilities to share data. Our services are unique because we are providing 24/7 support to our customers, with access anywhere using any device through dedicated cloud storage, we provide our services in three languages, also with easy UI/UX design.

Rand Ari Othman


The Tacademia platform is an online website for preparing and publishing scientific and academic courses in all different fields with a high-quality recorded video format, as well as opening free online seminars and web browsers. This platform was created by Shram Ahmad, with the help of Kamaran Burhan; is currently available in the Kurdish language and plans to add Arabic and English languages in the future to benefit students and also lecturers. The Covid-19 pandemic was a reason for further development of the project and motivating the students to continue their learning process during the pandemic.

Sharm Ahmed


as we know if you are a content creator or a freelancer it's hard to find someone support you (like companies and sponsors ) so we made a platform which the content creator or a freelancer can get support from the people ( not just companies ) specially in Kurdistan.

Alaa Noorideein Sidiq

Kurdish Language Recognition (OCR)

Our project about kurdish language recognition. Used for recognizing kurdish characters and letters in the form of documents or hand writing. We need a facecam for capturing pictures. And creating a data set for kurdish language characters. And this project has 60000 data in the dataset.

Saad Masud Saad


Hadyari is an online platform where you can find gifts for your loved ones. We showcase products of international brands and creative local small businesses. Hadyari specializes in selling items that have distinct designs which can be gifted. We provide free wrapping and packaging service!

Rebin Abdullah Saeed

E-Commerce Online Shopping

E-commerce online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app Online stores usually enable shoppers to use 'search' features to find specific models, brands or items.

Shakhawan khasro

Tishik Connection

A platform to connect Students and University Staff together, for sharing their daily activity requesting assistance in a project, to publish a research done by a student or a staff member and maximize the fun of university and knowledge of students.

Rebin Aziz

Vehicle Maps

My project is about all types of vehicles such as a car and motorcycle and truck... All vehicles seem as a point in this map and it is useful to reduce car accidents and know whether your road it's busy or not and with other specifications.

Jwanro Abdullah

One Secure

It is a security center of your website, application, social networks, and business accounts when you are attacked by electronic and stealing your personal and business data, they are directly one secure will help you and return to your normal and controlled state. All aspects of these actions in one secure, trusted globally by professional and international staff. These services are provided by the one secure center.

Samad Abdullah

Fairness Vision

We provide high-quality Architecture Visualization services using VR/AR

Yousif Wameedh and Ahmad Sami


Recam is the first Iraqi GPS and Navigation Map application Designed to be simple to use and focused on Local people needs, for what our people are demanding to see in a Map App.

Rebin Aziz

Expenses Management

Expense Management is a mobile application that is mainly designed for individuals to manage their expenses, save money and keep track of what they are spending. The purpose of the Expense Management app is to make the process of managing expenses simpler, faster, more productive, and with fewer errors as well as to avoid using papers and start using technology. The main objective of developing this application is to help people manage their expenses and save money for emergency situations such as COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs, most of the businesses stopped, small-business owners started reporting supply chain problems and lost sales, therefore many people started suffering financially. Then, it became more obvious that people need to keep track of their expenses and save money.

Marina Azeez

Parez App

Parez is a mobile application that offers people to follow all the social distance regulations provided by the officials to avoid catching the Covid-19 pandemic. The application uses web connections as well as other mobile sensors. The app also presents certain warnings based on the social distance regulations. The data of the users is anonymously preserved for certain management aspects. The app is highly useful for people and the government.


New idea of smartphone and technology enchantments

From this project i do it 1-create new techniques for protecting glass screen of smartphone ,2-create headphone adapter for those smartphone don't have headphone jack,3-water proof for main board of mobile,4-create camera can put on head at driving or working for record,5- cutting power from board while opening.

Salman khalid sleman

International intelligent traffic (IIT)

International intelligence traffic is a technology intelligence system used for solving huge problems in the traffic sector all over the world, and its goal is to reduce a large number of traffic accidents and bad consequences that destroy the lives of millions of people and damage billions of dollars in the economies of countries and individuals in the world annually. International intelligence traffic will end major traffic problems and build a new world of law-abiding purposes to protect human life.

rawaz abdulrahman faqe

Idea Hive

The Idea Hive application has been customized so that it solves problems such as the lack of partners for projects or participants for your events in Kurdistan. This application can be used to create events in your local area such as campaigns, finding people that can fill your surveys, help you in volunteering jobs or be your partner in a project.



Ferkar offers educational videos, practice exercises, examination, and a learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace outside of the classroom. At Ferkar, we enhance learning by providing the best instructors that teach classes for the whole curriculum, preparing students for their final examinations through providing them with the tricky and difficult questions. The lectures can be replayed any number of times, with 24/7 availability. Ferkar also solves the rate enhancement for students who cannot go to schools as well as external students.

Sulan Sabah


Was established in 2018, it is an online marketplace where shoppers in Iraq can experience eCommerce just like the rest of the world and a people powered economy with person-to-person commerce. In Iraq people cannot directly order online from worldwide online stores. Despite this, there is a lack of distribution methods, online commerce and digital skills for locals. We came up with the solution A Online MarketPlace where anyone can shop online without a credit card, we do the shopping, shipping & delivery to their homes. Also, artisans can sell their work to make money by having access to a new & larger customer reach with us being the distribution channel. An academy to learn the skills through training on how to open an account with us to sell online, have an e-wallet and figure out their logistics. To Share Culture of Authentic local products that provides jobs to maintain traditional craft. Shopasar is a fast and easy destination where people can pay cash on Delivery or online.Displaying artsy region wide collections from diverse talents. We are the only one focusing on an ALL-in-One platform specifically designed for artisans, vintage stores, handcrafters and handmade cultural items.

Randi Rahbar Ibraheem

Covid-19 Dashboard

This dashboard is an online-based platform that offers detailed information on the ongoing statistics of the Covid-19 pandemic based on the retrieved information from KRG's Ministry of Health. The dashboard presents the data in an interesting way and almost all the aspects of the statistics are included. The information is updated on the daily format.

Sarhad Baez

Darnafees for Home Maintenance and Services

The first mobile application of its kind for home general services in Kurdistan that works in 'quick tendering process'. Through this process, you will receive around 5 competitive and guaranteed offers from the best service providers within one hour only. The application offers 11/60 services such as AC installation, Washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, shifting furniture, housekeeping and others. That means more than 50 service providers, with warranty in your hand!

Abdullah Bashir & Ahmed Bashir & Abdulrahman Mohammed & Abdulrahman Khouja And other three co-founders.

Online shopping

This application is going to serve women. It includes fabric, makeup and accessories. All shops that sell fabric accessories and makeup can send a request to the admin and register their shop. They can add as many products as they want to their profile and edit them anytime they want. Moreover, all the shops have been filtered regarding the cities and categories. customers can order their needs from different cities. Additionally, the admin can manage all shops and users and be able to edit their information.

Hzreen Safaree

Adam Group

The Business, tourism and public places Guide. Rebate Adam is an application That available on the Play Store, App Store, and Huawei App Gallery. with a website for the same purpose. We plan to cover All Kurdistan governorates (Duhok, Erbil, Halabja, And Sulaimaniyah).

Rizgar Mahmood Hasan

Uber Clone

A taxi booking application that was built to work exactly like Careem and Uber, the app was made for the purpose of finding a ride fast just like careem and uber. The app is completely built using Swift.

Rebin Aziz


Health Management System is a platform to obtain civilians' feedback on physicians they visit as well as the health services. The platform involves a mobile application that is web-based. Civilians can simply give feedback on the health services and issues they experience. The dashboard offers the responsible governmental units to be aware of the minor health issues and respond quickly.

Sarhad Baez

Sayara Platform

SAYARA is a cross-platform mobile App marketplace, designed with both buyers and sellers in mind. The app allows buyers and car-parts traders to utilize the platform to conduct the process of buying and selling in a safe, secure, and transparent manner. Furthermore, raising the standards of trading by empowering the buyers to rate products and traders.

Harez Habil Hama Ali


We are Souq Iraq, one of the first companies specialized in e- commerce in the State of Iraq. Souq Iraq is the largest e- commerce website in Iraq, and it includes a wide range of products in various categories that include all products. We strive to do everything right the first time and do our best to continuously improve. We always have our finger on the pulse of what’s working for our customers and what’s not. We constantly seek feedback, both positive and negative to accomplish the best results for our customers. After a year, each area will have its own stores and branches of my store, so that it is easier for people to market their projects on the Internet. With additional features. We will add many features and expand the application range throughout Iraq and after 3 years we will work to create more applications such as Souq Express with additional features and many other things.

Mohammed Lateef


Darfat is a mobile application that will help unemployees find the job easier, faster, and quicker. This project aims to decrease the unemployment rate and give a chance to businesses to find the candidates they are seeking.

Vajeen Muslih Abdullatif

Find your lookalike

My idea is a program in which the humans around the world can recognize those people who have the same thinking and understanding and try with one another towards their goals and ideas. This program becomes an easy way to start their ideas with the ones who have the same ideas and it is a good factor to remove worries from those who want to start their ideas, and through this program he has found someone that understands him and has the same ideas and makes efforts to achieve them. And the program has another section which is discovering your lookalikes. We all know that everyone would like to find their lookalikes, so this is the favorite program for the children and adults and also aged people. This is what I want to create and give it to the world. And after the program discovers two look alike people, it will make connections between them and introduce them to each other. My idea isn't just that. I have the idea of yearly updating the program to change it and make it better to the users.

Farhad Faroq Ali

RideSharing mobile application

RideSharing is a mobile application which is developed in English language by using Dart and Flutter programming language. This app is going to be used for sharing a car ride with other people. The aim of this application is to make it easier, faster and quicker for people who want to find a car or customers to share a ride with. As well it will help users to find another rider and share ride with.. RideSharing provides the security of data. It contains two main users with admin.

Linda Ravo Rasho

Car parking project Description about the project

The aim of this project to know there is a space for parking depend on light. If the light is turned off this mean there is a space for parking. We will know there is a space for parking or not depend on the lights. We do not have to look all parks.

muhammed zeki abdulrahman & abdulqader adnan