An online marketplace where shoppers in Iraq can experience the joys of online shopping, sellers can create a virtual shop and commerce on the application and ecommerce website where buyers can check out with any online payment method or cash.

Randi Rahbar Ibraheem


An online marketplace where shoppers in Iraq can experience the joys of online shopping, sellers can create a virtual shop and commerce on the application and ecommerce website where buyers can check out with any online payment method or cash.

Brwa Jamal Faqe

One Secure

One secure is a cyber security project. Aimed in securing, website and mobile application and social media building. As well as helping those websites and applications and social media accounts which faced cyber attacks by protecting and recovering data to them.

Samad Abdullah Sleman

Rebare Adam

It’s an application that works as a business, tourism, and public places guide for the Kurdistan region. our application provides information in Kurdish (Badini, and Sorani) and Arabic languages in about 7000 places.

Rizgar Mahmood Hasan

Sayara platform

SAYARA: is a cross-platform mobile App marketplace, designed with both buyers and sellers in mind. The app allows buyers and car-parts traders to utilize the platform to conduct the process of buying and selling in a safe, secure, and transparent manner. Furthermore, raising the standards of trading by empowering the buyers to rate products and services. Finding car parts and booking your car in for services or repair is a dreaded task.

Harez Habil Hama Ali


Tacademia, an online platform that prepares and offers scientific and academic courses in specific areas in the form of pre-recorded videos, has been established in March, 2020 following the outbreak of the pandemic and launched on the 1st of December, 2020. Besides offering courses, the platform organizes seminars, webinars, and meetings on specific subjects.

Kamiran Burhan

Smart Med

SmartMED is a first SaaS application that is web-based for digitalization of Health sector including Doctor Clinics, Hospital, pharmacy, Laboratory..etc. for managing health facilities from A to Z.

Rand Ari Othman


As we know if you are a content creator or a freelancer, it's hard to find someone to support you (like companies and sponsors) so we made a platform called Choveen as a Website and Mobile application which the content creator or a freelancer (Designer, Developers, YouTubers, Store Owners ……etc) can easily work and get support from people (not just companies) which leads to increase online job opportunities for freelancers, content creators and developers in Iraq.

Alaa Noorideein

Full Stop Company

Full Stop company offers the first innovative online platform that digitalized and simplified the way to access certified translation services to save customers time through an online platform (website) for the first time in Iraq.

Aryan Mohammed Hamad Amen

Exchange Programes

Exchange Program is a (Company) that helps applicants by providing consultation to apply for scholarships, Exchange Programmes, and International Conferences, we are getting admission for degree programmes, and in addition to that, we are helping them to get the student visa. Also, in the form of B2B, we are facilitating the partnership between local and international universities

Bawar Rasul


Parezar is a platform that facilitates accessing the desired legal firm and individual lawyers upon your request, meeting them, and getting quotations and consulting for your cases. Parezar is a platform that includes a list of all lawyers and legal firms. The platform enables the users to be connected to the sales offices of lawyers and legal firms, receive quotations for their cases, and schedule meetings with them.

Ahmed Hamza

Shawq Organza

Iraqi Local Brand provide Elegance supplements, it is the first brand of the turban in Kurdistan and the First Mixing historical cultures in one design which is Abaya. Online business , have been in many events and bazars before and have my customer and well none women wearing our products.

Shawq Nabeel

wedo academy

At WEDO Academy we help individuals, organizations, and corporations to reach their goals, using the strongest tool - education. We help to improve results and prepare for future challenges. Wedo Academy finds it vital to make learning available for everyone whenever and wherever. Providing online & offline courses in various fields for business & self-education and career development. We support businesses to reach their organizational goals by providing customized training, consultancy, and hands-on to take them to the next level and compete with the evolving market.

Rasty Saeed
rastysaeed@gmail.com - info@wedoacademy.com


Laoob application is the first gathering of football players in Iraq that aims to discover football talents. The application also provides many services such as the service of booking stadiums and academies, searching for matches and participating in them, and evaluations between players.

Akram Iedan kamil


Kurdish brand for socks that provide solutions for all socks problems.

Namo Rasul


Teachy is an e-learning platform that helps busy employees, fresh graduates, or university students who want to get the needed skills for the job market by offering learning courses with live stream sessions and digital content. Attend the class from anywhere choose your preferred class time, tutor and studying plan.

Sausan Redha

Barcoding Graveyard

This project is very necessary in this digital age. The general idea of this contemporary project is people will be able to scan QR codes with their devices and learn more about the people buried in a cemetery.

Nashwan Salah Hassan


Daryar is a new and special project to build a brand for making accessories for women and men with the making of paintings, watches, and home decorations using (wood and epoxy resin). International, products such as (resin paintings, dining tables and coffee tables, and various accessories for men and women

Milad Azad Ali

Braille Support System

Braille support system is a system that helps visually impaired people read English text using the braille tactile code. The system is a CNC machine that communicates with a software to print any text coming ether from an email or a specific web-app onto a sheet of paper.

Hastyar Azad


HAWREGA is a multi-functional website, aims to raise landmine awareness and provide technology-based assistance to the general population. Through a map, blogs, interviews, and many other upcoming features, the website is going to serve the public.

Dyary Yassin


It is an online market for buying and selling all kinds of cars, car service locations, It's not just a center where buyers and sellers can buy and sell, but it's a comprehensive car gateway with a platform dedicated to all car discussions, a blog that keeps users up to date with the latest car industry events and all the information.

Ali Abdullah

Darnafees Application

The first mobile application of its kind for home general services in Kurdistan that works in "quick tendering process". The application offers 14 out of 64+ services initially such as (AC Installation and repair, waterproofing, House Keeping and other services). The application is going to use a unique and revolutionary tendering process to receive 3-5 offers per order within one hour only! The tendering process will maintain competitive environment while ensuring the quality of work. The tri-lingual application provides the options to communicate the problems through videos, photos, and voice/written messages. The application will also offer guarantee period for each offer which is one of the main gaps to fill in the market that has huge demand by the community as per the market research

Abdullah bashir

RBC-Counting Without Using Blood

our project is a medical project that works about RBC-COUNTING with out using blood and using respiratory system,also our project includes glass(contained water),Tube,Sensoring system,Arduino system,our project do not need to taking blood from patient to count RBC in Blood ,needing short time,low cost, Avoid spreading of infectious disease through blood of patient by using syringe(needle)

Danyar Kamaran

Magic Fitting Room Mirror

The magic fitting room it's an Augmented reality-based virtual fitting system featuring a real-time try-on tool. Using a camera, the customers can try top, dress, skirt, glass… etc. The invention of augmented reality & virtual reality in shopping is one of the most substantial reasons people are going to physical stores; because of these reasons, it would never and ever be able to take the brick-and-mortar position

Van Sirwan Abubakir Aziz

The Implementation of Apartments in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly accessible with developments in technology, Specially after Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook's Name to Meta and announce metaverse will be a part of our life in the future, Virtual reality experiences (VR) are intended to give the viewer a realistic experience inside a virtual world, using the technologies to influence the human brain into believing that what they are experiencing is real, allowing the impact of the VR to be that of a seemingly real experience. for that, I wanted to make my project in a technology that gives the user a different experience and follows advanced technology as well, The Implementation of Apartment in Virtual Reality is a Virtual experience that lets people check a full apartment in a VR headset and this will be more helpful for those customers who want to buy an apartment either by the construction company or real estate company, So by this experience, they can see and feel how their future home will look like, Also the project allows walking through the apartment and head movement in 360 degrees.

Doaa Nabeel

Key Frame

Keyframe is a digital marketing company that was established in 2021 in Kurdistan, Iraq. Our mission is to drive a new era of digital growth through our provided services. Our services include Branding & Brand identity, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Social Media Managemnet and Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Development.

Hanar Sabah Abdalkadir
+964 770 571 9494

Library Management

Library Management, it is a program used for library management and easily manages the work and in a way to solve complex problems in public and private libraries that makes away from the classic systems such as Excel and files and changes the old systems to a new and advanced system.

Maryam Muahmed Abdullah


Kurdgame brings the action into the football pitch! A multiplayer game to play with friends, filled with new features and fun gameplay. Take to the football field, play against the best soccer clubs with friends, and win the soccer world cup, the parts of the game consist of (single play mode - multiplayer - tournament - penalty - autoplay mode ), and once of each 6 hours there is a free reward coin.

Dana Sherzad

Mines and Explosives Mobile App

The Mine Explosives Project is a mobile app that services KRG citizens through a mine agency to protect the citizens’ lives in the covered areas with mines. Many of our citizens die annually because of huge land mines in our country. This project can be a good help for serving humanity, giving awareness and protecting people’s lives.

Rawa Abdulfatah Ali

Automated Speech Recgnition

The purpose of this project is to research and develop the formulation and implementation of an automatic speech recognition system for the middle Kurdish language (CKB), the main results of a type discourse and voice system for this language. By formulating these systems, users can speak and the system automatically writes down the conversation.

Sarhad Baez