Many experts and professionals were a part of the HITEX 2021 conference; shared their knowledge, thoughts and ideas with thousands of attendees.

Tara Mohammed

Founder and Managing Director of Black Ace Company

Dr. Nawal Karim

Business Development Manager at NassPay

Eberhard Scheuer

Founder and President of dhealth Foundation

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of the global institute of leadership and technology (GILT

Mazen Sirwan

Director of Digitalisation of Korek telecom

Avan Adham

Consultant and Economic Advisor

Savo Bakhtiar

Community and Partnership Manager at Five One Labs

Ismael Majeed

Director of Kokar Foundation for Sustainable Development

Darya Ameen

Program Coordinator at Five One Labs

Mohamed Issa

CO-founder of Grei Agency

Dawar Karim

Co-Founder and CTO at Plus the Edge Company

Ahmad Hartaly

Social Media Specialist

Hiwa Afandi

Deputy minister,Head of KRG department of information technology

Shivan Issa

OPM’s Head of Projects

Dr. Ala Berzinji

Researcher and a Lecture at the University of Sulaimani

Eslam Albayati

Chief Financial officer at first Iraqi Bank (FIB)

Zheer Aziz

Youtuber and Gamer

Zana Khalid

Youtuber, Gamer, and Reviewer

Mohamed Ismail

YouTuber ve Gamer

Zhyar Hamaali

Youtuber and Gamer

Veronika Kutt

Strategic Consultant


Cluster Manager for the Levant at Visa

Ali Paracha

Country Director at Five One Labs

Ansar Omar

Entrepreneur & an Entrepreneurial Project Manager

Miran Dizayee

C0-founder and Director of Top Mountain Company

Ally Reza Qureshi

WFP Iraq Representative

Mohammed Azeez

Learning and Development Advisor at Orange Corners

Rawaz Raouf

a Partner at Euphrates Ventures

Ahmed L. Jamal

Co-Founder of Kurdivia

Dr. Sherine Chaar

Academic/Professor at University of kurdistan Hawler

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