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Besides exhibitors showcasing their innovations, HITEX 2023 brings with it multiple panels and seminars for the attendees to take home new information about the technological advancements in Iraq and the rest of the world.

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About Panels

Besides exhibitors showcasing their innovations, HITEX 2022 Conference brought with it multiple panels and seminars for the visitors to take home new information about the technological advancements in Iraq and the rest of the world. During the four remarkable days of HITEX 2022, eight beneficial panels were presented about technology and its impact on our lives on the stage of HITEX 2022 Conference.


The Path for A Digital Decade

The journey towards a future where technology and digitalization play a central role in shaping society, business, and everyday life. It encompasses the advancements, challenges, and opportunities that come with increasing digitization and the integration of technology into all aspects of life. This path aims to create a future where technology is leveraged to improve people's lives, foster innovation, and drive progress.

Avan Adham
Hiwa Afandi
Eslam Albayati

Trend Making: The Power of Numbers

It is the process of influencing public opinion and creating a popular demand for a particular product, idea, or concept through the strategic use of data and statistics. It highlights the power that numbers can have in shaping people's perceptions and decisions and how this can impact industries, markets, and society as a whole.

Tara Mohammed
Mazen Sirwan

Technology’s Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Banking and Payment

Technology's impact on the banking and payment industries and how it is changing how these industries operate. This includes advancements such as digital banking, mobile payments, and blockchain technology that are transforming traditional banking processes and changing the way people manage their money. The goal is to create a more efficient, secure, and accessible financial system that meets the changing needs of consumers and businesses in the digital age.

Dr. Sherine Chaar
Dr. Nawal Karim

Overcoming Business Challenges in KRI

The difficulties faced by businesses operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and the strategies they use to overcome these challenges. These challenges can range from political instability and security risks to economic instability and a lack of basic infrastructure. Businesses operating in the KRI must find ways to overcome these challenges in order to succeed and grow. The topic highlights the need for businesses to be innovative, adaptable, and proactive in order to succeed in this complex operating environment.

Darya Ameen
Shivan Issa
Savo Bakhtiar
Rawaz Raouf
Ahmed L. Jamal

Using digital power to advance society and Individuals

The use of technology and digital tools to drive progress and improve people's lives. This can involve using digital solutions to tackle social and economic challenges, leveraging data and analytics to inform decision-making, or providing access to education and other resources through technology. The goal is to harness the power of digital technologies to create a better future for society and individuals by fostering growth, improving well-being, and promoting equality.

Dawar Karim
Ahmad Hartaly
Dr. Ala Berzinji
Mohamed Issa

The Role of Business Incubators in Enhancing Tech Entrepreneurs

The support provided by business incubators helps tech entrepreneurs develop and grow their startups. Business incubators provide resources such as mentorship, funding, workspace, and network access, which can help entrepreneurs overcome the challenges they face in launching and growing a tech business. The goal is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech sector and to provide a supportive environment for tech startups to thrive and succeed.

Ansar Omar
Ali Paracha
Miran Dizayee
Ally Reza Qureshi
Mohammed Azeez

Video Games Between a Way to Earn Income and a Challenge to Youth Education

The complex relationship between video games and young people's financial and educational development. On one hand, video games have become a lucrative industry, offering opportunities for players to earn income through professional gaming, streaming, and related careers. However, on the other hand, excessive gameplay can challenge youth education, as it can interfere with academic performance and lead to issues such as addiction. The topic highlights the need to strike a balance between the benefits and drawbacks of video games and consider the role that video games can play in young people's financial and educational development.

Zheer Aziz
Zana Khalid
Mohamed Ismail
Zhyar Hamaali

The Blockchain Economy

A growing economic system based on the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that enables secure and transparent record-keeping, and it has the potential to revolutionize a range of industries, from finance to supply chain management. The "Blockchain Economy" encompasses the development of new business models, the creation of new assets, and the development of a decentralized infrastructure that enables secure and efficient transactions. The goal is to create a more inclusive and secure economy through the use of blockchain technology.

Ismael Majeed
Eberhard Scheuer
Robin Weninger
Veronika Kutt

Banking Services in the Digitalized Era

Dlveen Ahmed
Awara Rasoul
Dr. Bayar Shahab
Rawaz Rauf

Sustainable Energy: The Role of Sustainable Energy in Iraq's Economic Transition

Mahdi Faraj
Herwing Neuper
Bartlomiej Gierszyn
Dr.Ramadan Mohammed

(AI) between threat and opportunity.

Sara Mustafa
Dr. Kayhan Ghafoor
Dr. Ismael Ali
Carwan Rasoal

Transitioning from Traditional Systems to Digital-First Strategies: Insights on Driving Transformation

Dr. Shamal Al-Dohuki
Ismail A. Mohammed
Azad Ismail Ahmed
Zoul Fakar Khilkhali

From Idea to Investment: The Journey of Tech Entrepreneurs in Iraq

Fatima Ahmed
Farhang Bradosti
Asos Harsin
Liza Habashneh

Cyber Security: The Pillar of Digital Trust and Resilience

Abdullah Ahmed
Mr. Saif Al-Ayash
Dr. Jamal Hussein
Hayder Ali

Copyright in the Digital World: Challenges and Solutions for Tech Companies

Gashbin Najib
Dr. Dara Sherwani
Kalyan Kommuru
Ahmed Shaker Hussein