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Why participating at HITEX?

Hitex 2023 is not just a four-day show. It is an event packed with opportunities to:


Raise awareness of your brand

Raise awareness of your brand: We bring hundreds of the country’s top journalists and tv stations with the world’s leading publications to HITEX 2023, for our sponsors to interact with and showcase their products to reach a wider audience within and outside of the event.


Opportunity to network in the right setting

Whether you want to hire tech’s top talent, meet with policymakers influencing your segment of the industry or simply exchange ideas with your competitors and peers - we have an event, and space for you to do so.


Generate leads

With almost 60,000 attendees, including government and private sector representatives, ceos and executives of the tech world joining us this June, HITEX 2023 is the perfect setting to forge partnerships, pitch to potential customers, and make your business appealing to a wider audience. During HITEX 2022, an estimated %70 of exhibitors secured at least one business deal during the event. The aim is much greater with HITEX 2023.


Be a thought leader

Perhaps you want to place your company front and center of an industry issue. Maybe you’ve got a new product to launch. We can set up panels during the conference for you to host. You’ll be right in the middle of the action, leading discussions with targeted demographics on the topics that matter most to you.

Become an Exhibitor

Becoming an exhibitor at HITEX is the best way for businesses to grow. By showing your latest products and services, and presenting the newest world-wide technological inventions. HITEX allows exhibitors to make business deals and partnerships locally and internationally. Brand awareness and recognition amongst the international.

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