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Entertainment Zone

HITEX 2023 Entertainment Zone

The Entertainment Zone is an interesting, inventive, and creative part of HITEX 2023, providing free, open-access facilities and support for children and young people to entertain and play games as they come. HITEX 2023 will not limit ages and interests. HITEX 2023 will give gamers a golden opportunity to play their favorite for free and participate in tournaments to win prizes. HITEX 2022 Entertainment Zone had the following…

Competitions At Game Zone ...

At Gaming Zone, FIFA and PUBG players gathered on the same ground to compete as teams. The tournaments lasted for three days, and prizes were distributed to the winners during the last day of the exhibition.




Four lucky players won during the tournaments from both games, FIFA and PUBG. PUBG winners won all-new smartphones, and at the same time, FIFA winners were gifted state-of-the-art Televisions.


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