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Hitex is the largest technology exhibition in Iraq and Kurdistan. Both visitors and exhibitors will find HITEX to be a fantastic experience. A series of expert discussions and technical product demonstrations will help you understand what's trendy in the world of technology currently. Moreover, tech geeks and inventors may track their progress and contribute to the industry's growth and become a part of the industry's worldwide technological revolution.

Entertainment Zone

The Entertainment Zone is an interesting, inventive, and creative part of HITEX 2023, providing free, open-access facilities and support for children and young people to entertain and play games as they come. HITEX 2023 will not limit ages and interests. HITEX 2023 will give gamers a golden opportunity to play their favorite for free and participate in tournaments to win prizes.


HITEX 2023 Future Stars

No matter the stage of the business, HITEX 2023, in partnership with Rwanga Foundation, will help entrepreneurs move forward. Entrepreneurs from all around the region with different business ideas will gather on the same floor to share and promote their businesses with thousands of attendees.


HITEX 2023 Conference

Besides exhibitors showcasing their innovations, HITEX 2023 will bring with it multiple conferences and seminars for the visitors to take home new information about the technological advancements in Iraq and the rest of the world.



Connection is an important part of every business. Anyone may develop business relationships and contacts with business rivals, competitors, fellow industry experts, and leaders by participating or exhibiting at HITEX. HITEX is the only venue where exhibitors can meet visitors, investors can meet start-ups, and businesses can meet clients.


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